The Important Role That Winter Plays In Gardening

The winter can be a really tough times for any gardener and garden in most places.  This would be true of the temperate climates that have a cold winter that would need steps to keep the plants protected from the extreme of climates.  

Winters are at times a right opportunity to bury the past or to put to sleep a number of feelings as with it a number of practices as well.  Thus a proper look is taken on the usual need for winters in most lives and gardens as well.  

Time To Renew Resolves And Plan Ahead

It must be noted of winters and more so if they happen to be really cold that it causes a lot of people to slow down.  This brings about a greater of mental calculation than the usual and it would be just right for some soul searching.

Taking this concept to gardens, the winters give an opportunity to seek out the mistakes committed in the past with the gardening and to make corrections.  It is in many ways a renewal of sorts as the ground freezes and most gardening activity comes to a halt.

The Time For Repairs

The winters are times when repair to locations of gardens like the greenhouses or the equipment is in order.  This is why we have people buying new hoses or conducting repair activities to hoses and flower pots and such implements.

If a brief look is done to the different life forms in a garden like the squirrels and the birds; the winters are a time that they are the quietest.  Nature itself seems to take a nap and getting ready for the coming year at best.  This in essence brings out the significance of winters in the year and even in the lives of people.  

Time For Bargains

Since the outdoor activities are at the lowest, this would be just the time to go bargain hunting.  Most shops would look to have yearend sales that would aim at minimizing the dead stock and this would be just appropriate to use to stock up on something that was in need for a long time.  The sharper folks do wait till the winter sales to stock up on the more expensive equipment and materials as well.  

Time For A Prune

There are a number of plant species that can do with a winter prune.  This prepares them to sprout when the spring comes with the New Year.  According to Tree Lopping Sunshine Coast, it is accepted by the more seasoned of gardeners that the winters are generally a change of seasons and a chance for renewal in the plant kingdom.  

The winters are also the time when the ground freezes and goes to sleep only to awaken at spring time.  So any first step towards a new start must be taken during the winters for the best effect and this is where planning for the future works out well.  

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Using Sustainable Practices To Good Effect In The Home Garden

There can be no denying the fact that the resource source of the world are under tremendous strain.  The growing population has meant that clean water and air are at a premium and added is the growing dependence on technology that tends to use up more of the natural resources as well.  

In such scenario it is best to take to practices that are the least by way of a strain on the surrounding water and material.  If a liter of water can be saved from going contaminated it is indeed a liter of water saved.  Thus the better of gardening practices would seek to minimize the ecological footprint that it gets to leave, thus the all important role of sustainable practices in gardening.  

Being Better Informed

It is always the intention of most people to be kept better informed at all times.  This would enable the use of optimum levels of energy and materials in gardens and in any aspect of life to affect the fine balance of nature to the least extent.  

Often people are misinformed into making the wrong choices and it is often a matter of convenience to be taking a certain path.  Information must never be held at a premium and everyone must be given a fair chance to use the best of it.

The well informed of people would get to use the most up to date of materials and methods in their everyday lives and it really is never a question of using the most conveniently available of options.  

The Way With Technology

The future is greener than before.  This is due to the fact that what passed off as rather exotic would tend to gain mainstream acceptance as time passes and the wider adoption ensures a more affordable style of functioning as well.  Most technologies have a need to be widely used before the costs involved in its use is reduced and the more a method gets used the cheaper it gets for future users.  

Even the old applications have managed to find new ways of doing things that brought about a more affordable way of doing things than ever before. Thus in many ways technology is a greater enabler at best.  

Greater Promotion Of Sustainable Methods

There is a factor that most governmental bodies do promote the adoption of more advanced technologies than in the past.  Often the affordability gap is bridged by suitable soft loans or even subsidies.  This is a good and effective manner to lower costs to the end consumer and most people do take full advantage of any such dispensation being in place.  

It must be noted that the role of governmental bodies are not a small thing in promoting cutting edge technologies and practices.  More than once the crucial support that such bodies provided the user did make a big difference in the adoption of newer techniques.  This is true to a large extent of steps used in sustainable gardening.  

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Being Expressive Enough With The Garden

There are a number of ways a person can get to be expressive with garden work and it would be comforting to some folks to know that there are some ready help that could help make up the mind as to what goes where in a garden.  Most seasons would see the introduction of newer types of plants as also props that go a long way in providing a complete garden as well.  Thus it is wrong to assume that what had an acceptance some years ago could still be relevant in the modern times too.  

The Television

If in fact a factor that has played a major role in shaping opinions and ideas in the information age, then it must be the advent of the television. There would be little areas in life that have not been affected in some manner or the other by this so obsequious an idiot box.  Few people look beyond the screens to get to know the interests that are at play in most situations but irrespective of the view that a person might take, it must be acknowledged that the TV is a factor that can influence opinion like nothing else before it.  

Books on gardening

It was not that long ago that the only mass information source was the books in a person’s collection or at the nearest library.  For the diehard fans of gardening, the books simply cannot be replaced now or for that matter at any point in the foreseeable future as well.  

Most ideas that have an endurance value do get told among the more serious of people through the books and it doesn’t look to get any easier than that.  

Other Gardens

All avid gardeners are also strong walkers too.  This practice gives each person to have a look at what others are doing in their gardens as well. It need not be that ideas need to be copied but something similar could be attempted at someone’s own property.  Most good ideas need a starting point to take shape and grow and this can be the best situation that other gardens present the viewer.  

Hobby Stores

It is that most hobby stores are owned or manned by the senior people that would have the time and patience to give sufficient attention to anyone seeking advice.  They would in most situations be the right start to an idea or the right person to approach when a new technique needs to be sounded out on.

Few people would forget the experiences that they have had with people that are out to help others and with those people at the neighborhood hobby shop, it is often the friendly help that can be called to aid at any time and place.  


Now websites are rather tricky business.  Most vendors of garden equipment and related tools maintain a good website that would typically also be just the right source of information as well.  A search on Google is bound to help unearth more than what could be handled on a given day.  

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Top Gardening Trends for 2017

Every year, there are new trends in gardening. Usually, these trends involve new popular flower colors, foliage varieties, or gardening techniques. However, this year, trends seem to be changing. As people re-evaluate values and priorities, there is growing trend toward social consciousness in gardening.

Redefining Luxury

What defines luxury is often that which is scarce. Today for many people the scarcest resource in their life is quality time with their family. Yet, as budgets get tight, many people are opting for stay-cations where they take time off of work, but stay at home, focusing on activities that are inexpensive and fun. One way that people are maximizing their stay-cations are by providing a tranquil garden space to gather and enjoy a peaceful environment. For gardeners and landscapers, that means water features and focusing on unique, rather than simply big and expensive.


Sustainability might seem like the buzzword of the month, but in gardening it has multiple meanings. First of all, there is the issue of resource conservation. As people downgrade the size of their homes and yards, compact size plants and yards are trending. Additionally, people are taking a fresh look at what chemicals are used in plants and how much water they require. If a plant requires more water, pesticides or other chemicals to sustain it, chances are they are out of vogue.

Organic, sustainable plants are tasty and environmentally-friendly. A recent study found that one in three respondents were planning to use more mulch for their projects. One in seven were planning to use either drip irrigation or drought-tolerant plants. The same report ranked water conservation as the topic they were most interested in.

Edible plants

Few plants are as practical as ones that are edible. Not only are they gratifying to grow, but they are good to eat. This trend is growing in popularity. The Garden Writers Association Foundation found that more than 41 million U.S. households (38 percent) grew a vegetable garden in 2016. More than 19.5 million grew an herb garden and 16.5 million grew fruits. Of those, more than seven percent were new to edible gardening and there seems to be no end in sight as 37 percent of all households reported plans to increase their edible garden.

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Adding a Greenhouse to your Garden

Having a small garden can limit the amount of space you have to grow a variety of plants. However, there are many types of greenhouses available that are suitable for smaller gardens. One of the best types of greenhouse for a small garden is a lean to greenhouse.

Lean to greenhouses not only look attractive, they also provide you with just enough space to grow a variety of your favorite plants. Adding a lean to greenhouse to your garden will also help you to save money on heating bills as a result of the greenhouse being attached to a wall. Maintaining your plants is also easier, as you will have easy access to water supply.

Lean to greenhouses are available in a number of sizes. If you are limited for space then a simple, small lean to greenhouse is ideal and the perfect choice for those who only wish to grow a small variety of plants. Larger lean to greenhouses are ideal for those who have a small garden but just enough space to grow a wide selection of plants.

Another option for small gardens are cold frames. Cold frames are designed to provide your plants with plenty of protection and natural sunlight. Not only do they come with a variety of features, they are also attractive, making them the perfect addition to any garden. Cold frames are also a great choice for those interested in growing a variety of fruit and vegetables. Tomatoes in particular are a popular choice for cold frames.

A small, traditional greenhouse is also a great option for those with a smaller garden. Traditional greenhouses are available in a number of sizes and are not only attractive and very good looking, but also provide just enough space to grow a selection of plants.We hope this article has helped in making a good choice when looking to work on your home garden, feel free to get in touch for any other information you may need regarding the garden.

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Adding a Plant House to your Garden

Plant houses are similar to greenhouses and provide a variety of benefits. These structures provide just enough room to grow a wide selection of spectacular plants and are a great addition to any garden. They are particularly suited to exotic plants and not only provide a variety of features but also look great.

Plant houses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there is something to suit all types of gardens. If you have a small garden, then there are a number of small designs that you can opt for that still provide just enough room to grow a variety of plants.

For those who wish to grow a wide selection of plants or plants that are tall, there are a variety of large plant house designs. Some larger designs provide enough space for storage of large garden equipment, such as wheelbarrows, soil bags and various other equipment. This is particularly ideal for those who do not have a garden shed and need extra space to store garden items.

For those who love gardening and need plenty of space to grow a selection of plants, there are plant houses that can be extended in length. This is ideal for those who require plenty of room to grow all their favorite plants as well as providing the freedom to transform the plant house into an extra area to relax.

You can find more ideas on trees and how to look after them through our tree lopping partners.

You can find them in the following locations.

Daisy Hill, Meadowbrook, Kingston, Logan, Shailer Park, Springwood, Woodridge, Loganlea, Marsden, Berrinba

For those who wish to create the perfect plant house, a bespoke design is the best choice. Choosing a bespoke plant house will give you the chance to create your ideal plant house based on your own designs and specifications. This is a great choice for those who need a design that suits their garden perfectly.

Plant houses look great when placed next to a selection of cold frames. Pairing these structures with a set of cold frames will not only make your garden look great but also give you plenty of space to grow a variety of fruit, vegetables and exotic plants and will make your garden look healthy and colorful.

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